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1. How much can I earn?
The amount of money you earn depends on many factors, including how assertive and hardworking you choose to be. As a Signature HomeStyles Representative, you can earn between 25-30% on all personal retail sales. Whether you’re looking for a way to eliminate one bill from your household budget or a reason to leave your full-time job, the amount you earn is completely up to you! There are no hidden charges. In addition, as a Representative, you are eligible to earn supplies and products, beginning with your very first month of business and continuing throughout the year with our New Representative Rewards and Consistency Programs. We are extremely proud of our generous Host Program—completely subsidized by the company! And, don’t forget, you are never required to deliver merchandise.

2. How much will it cost to get started?
Our ShowCase is $229. The ShowCase includes a variety of product samples and all the supplies you need to get started. A $35 shipping and handling charge plus applicable sales tax is charged for the ShowCase.

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3. What products do I get in my 2018 ShowCase? $229 ShowCase (Over $800 Retail Value):

2018 ShowCase Includes:
Wavy Glass Hurricane, Small   Simple Elegance Print
Harper Lantern   Heirloom Embroidered Pillow Cover
LED Candle 8", Rust   Classic Divided Caddy, Gray
Soft Touch Stem Set   Small Lidded Box Set
Brilliant Floral Stem, White   Lacy Welcome Insert
Twig Pick Set   Large Picture Easel
Cottage Rose Runner   Santiago Vase, Bronze
LED Candle Ivory, 6"   Classic Cube w/handle, Espresso
LED Candle Ivory, 4"   Large SHS Artwork Tote

4. What if I want to add more to my ShowCase?

Add one, two or all three bundles to your ShowCase for only $65 each!

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($283 Retail Value)

Wall Grille, Rustic Brown
Candle Vase Set, Cream
Baby’s Breath Pick Set, Blue
Bushel and a Peck
LED Print
Dolly Pillow Cover
Twig and Cotton Bud Pick Set
Small SHS Pottery Tote (not shown)

($295 Retail Value)
Burst of Color Blooms Print
Melissa Reversible
Pillow Cover
Candle Holder Small, Whitewash
Candle Holder Tall, Whitewash
Aurora Wall Pocket/Vase
Whisper Leaf Stem Set
Hygrangea Stem Set, White
($283 Retail Value)

Classic Two-Drawer Organizer
Classic Drawer Organizer Set
Classic Small Lidded Hamper
Classic Starter Set
Classic Mini-Organizer
Classic Small Lidded Basket
Tie-On Chalkboard Ties

Add the 2018 Supply Bundle to your ShowCase for only $80!

($92 Retail Value)
2018 Annual Idea Books (24)
2018 Postcard Invitations (100)
2018 Annual Mini-Catalogs (50)
SHS Table Cloth (1)
2018 Everything Brochure (25)

Plus, Seasonal Catalogs...
(24) Fall/Christmas Idea Books (August - December)


5. Where do I find business?
It’s easy! Write down the names of 15–20 people you know. Now, look at that list and circle the ones you’d ask to host a Show for you. Who do you know who loves to decorate, be organized or entertain? Your Leader also will help you book your first Shows.

6. What experience do I need?
No experience is necessary! We’re committed to helping you build your business. In addition, there are ongoing local, regional and corporate meetings you're invited to attend. You'll also receive training and support from your Sponsor or Leader.

7. When should I start?
The time is always right to start your Signature HomeStyles business! When would you like to start earning your first commission check? The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll enjoy all the benefits a new career has to offer, including unlimited income!

8. What if I decide this business isn’t for me?
If you decide selling Signature HomeStyles products is not for you, you may cancel your Agreement and return all marketable samples (unopened and current) and supplies. Signature HomeStyles will refund the price paid for your case, less a 10% restocking fee. The Representative is responsible for return shipping charges. This offer is valid for one year from the date your Showcase is shipped.

9. How will my Guests receive their orders?
Orders are shipped ground from the Signature HomeStyles office directly to the Host. Guests can choose to have their orders shipped directly to them for an additional fee.

10. Do I get a personal discount on the merchandise?
Yes! As long as you are active, you can place a wholesale order that recieves a 25% discount.

11. When will I be paid?
Commission checks are mailed or can be directly deposited every Tuesday from the Signature HomeStyles Office. Monthly Bonus checks are issued in the middle of the month following the one in which they were earned.

12. How will I receive new information on promotions, stock updates, etc.?
Your online back office is available 24/7 with all the latest updates you'll need.

13. Who do I call with questions?
When you have specific questions about getting started, you can contact our Customer Care Department directly at our toll-free number, 800-800-5452, ext. 9 or contact the Representative you’re working with.

14. How do I maintain my “active” status?
To be considered “active,” you must ship $250 in customer orders every four months.

15. How do I get going and get people interested in having a Show?
All you need to do to join and get started with Signature HomeStyles is to schedule your Grand Opening. A Grand Opening date is required on the Representative Agreement. Your Grand Opening will help you to get more Shows scheduled. Plus, anyone who wants to be one of your first Hosts can schedule a Show with you right away!

Reward yourself, you're worth it! Get started today!

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